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Our Story

Triple T Farms was established in 1995 when Jason, Tom, and Wes Thompson rented their mother's 80 acres of dryland and 160 acres of pasture. Over the next 5 years they started renting some neighbors' farms and increased their equipment line. During that time Jason started working full-time for Triple T Farms. 

In 2000, they purchased their first farm from a neighbor and continued to expand acres and started to background cattle. In 2002, they purchased their grandparents' farm and Wes started working full-time for Triple T Farms. 

More land was acquired in 2009, then in 2010 a half section of land with a 6,000 head feedlot was purchased and the operation headquarters was moved off the home place to the new facility. In 2011, 240 acres next to the feedlot was purchased and more acres were rented.

In 2017, Burwell Feeders, a 10,000 head custom feedlot was purchased to diversify the operation. Currently the operation consist of 5,000 acres of farm ground (90% irrigated) and 1,850 acres of pasture.  Over 1,500 acres of farm ground and 840 acres of pasture is owned. Triple T Farms also feeds out between 15,000-18,000 head per year of their own cattle and now custom feeds another 10,000 head annually. 

The brothers operate multiple stand alone companies including Triple T Farms, T5 Trucking, T5 Land, Jadaco, Davis Creek Storage LLC, and Burwell Feeders LLC. Additionally, the brothers partially own Bonanza Cattle Company in Albion, NE and TB Feeders, LLC west of Ord, NE.

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